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Автокресло Newbuddy Jolly

Newbuddy Jolly фото
— производитель: Newbuddy (Ньюбадди)
— модель: Jolly
— бустер
— группа 1/2/3 (9-36 кг)
— внутренние ремни пятиточечные
— установка лицом вперед
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул KL-13566

Описание и характеристики Newbuddy Jolly

Всем привет, дорогие друзья! Безопасность Вашего малыша для вас не пустой звук? Обратите внимание на инновационное автокресло Newbuddy Jolly, предназначено для детей весом 9-36 кг, сочетает в себе многолетний успешный опыт сидений Группы 1/2/3. При разработке использовалась концепция "Безопасность - Дизайн - Функциональность", тем самым кресло получилось маскимально безопасным, легким в использовании и функцональным.

Наш перевод на русский язык краш-тестов автокресел ADAC 2015
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Сайт "All these guys make are Pyro items."
You're damn right we do. :V
Pyro may be a fiery maniac on the outside, but he loves everything jolly and cuddly on the inside. Meet his new buddy that loves everything fire just as much as he does - a dragon! Or rather, a very cuddly, non-threatening one.
And like all dragons, he loves to hoard things. He'll be your trusty backpack companion, holding on to all your favorite items for you. Just be careful - he might not let you have them back.
Model - Jormungandrson/ Opethrockr55
Concept and Texture - Nidhogg
Music: Working Together - Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix OSTProduct overview of the exciting new buddy roamer posterior walking aid, specifically designed for children and young adults with cerebral palsy.Robbinsdale Armstrong High School opened their doors Monday for students to come talk with counselors about the loss of incoming junior Kevin Messer, who was riding in a car with two friends Friday night when it overturned on I-94 near Eau Claire, Wis, killing Messer.
According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, the driver, Hanna Sedqi, 16, of Robbinsdale, veered off the shoulder. She tried to regain control, over-corrected and the car rolled into the median. Messer died at the scene. Sedqi and the other passenger, Leo Schreiner, 15, of Plymouth, were transported to local hospitals by ambulance.
"Kevin was just one of those kids that was just really special," said Ryan O’Connor, Kevin’s summer baseball coach.
O'Connor accompanied his players to Armstrong Monday to help them talk through their grief.
"He just loved his teammates with everything he had," said O’Connor. "He really enjoyed working hard and he wanted to win. He was a competitor. He wanted to make his teammates better and you just don’t see that a lot out of a 16-year-old kid."
Baseball team to honor teammate
On a fundraising page for the family, Messer's aunt described him as a "kind, funny, talented, beautiful young man who was loved by all." In just one day, more than $5,000 have been donated.
"It’s not often that you have so many people that only have positive things to say about a kid but that was Kevin," said O’Connor. "Our guys are hurting because he was a leader of the team and that’s tough."
Coach O’Connor says the Falcons VFW baseball team is getting patches to put on their uniforms, and they’ll start their next game with only eight players. They are small gestures, he says, that will show just how much Kevin will be missed both on and off the field.
"We want to honor him in any way we can ‘cause he was just a great teammate, a great kid, and we really miss him," he said.
The State Patrol said that alcohol was not a factor in the accident. All three teens were also wearing their seat belts.
Cassie Bonstrom
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