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Kubee Comfort фото
— производитель: Kubee (Куби)
— модель: Comfort
— группа 0/1 (до 18 кг)
— внутренние ремни пятиточечные
— установка спиной или лицом вперед
— поддержка для головы новорожденного
— регулировка наклона спинки
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул KL-10829

Описание и характеристики Kubee Comfort

И снова здравсвуйте! Меня зовут Дмитрий и мы вместе попытаемся разобраться в ПДД. Обратите внимание на высокотехнологичное автомобильное кресло Kubee Comfort, предназначено для детей весом до 18 кг, сочетает в себе многолетний успешный опыт сидений Группы 0/1. При разработке использовалась концепция "Безопасность - Дизайн - Функциональность", тем самым кресло получилось маскимально безопасным, легким в использовании и функцональным.

Seat Adjustments
To adjust the front seats, reach down and find this lever under the seat. Pull up while you slide the seat forward or backward to a desired position. Release the lever to lock the seat in that position.
To recline the front passenger seatbacks, locate this lever on the side of the seat base. Pull up and lean back. To bring the seatback upright, pull the lever and lean forward. Release the lever to lock the seat in position.
Your driver's seat is equipped with a seat lifter. Your seat height can be adjusted using this lever, located on the outside of the seat base.
Pull up or push down repeatedly on the lever to adjust the height of the seat cushion until the desired position is achieved.
The second-row bench seats can also be adjusted for comfort. Find this lever under the seat. Pull up on it, while sliding the seat forward or backward. Release the lever to lock the seat in position.
To recline the second-row seatback, locate either of these straps on the seat cushions. Pull the strap and lean back. To bring the seatback upright, pull the strap and lean forward. Release the strap to lock the seatback in position.
Folding Rear Seats
The second-row seats can be folded to create extra storage space when needed. Before folding down the second-row seatbacks, you will need to store the second-row seat belts. Secure the outboard seat belts in these seat belt hooks on either side of the bench seat. Then disconnect the center seat belt by inserting a key or other suitable tool into the slot on the side of the connector buckle. Hold onto the connector tongue when releasing it from the connector buckle so it does not retract suddenly. Now secure the seat belt tongue and the connector tongue on the seat belt hook. Make sure to tuck the seat belt buckles into the seat pockets before folding the seatback.
Before folding the second-row seatbacks down, make sure that the seat path is clear, as the seatbacks are spring assisted and may move at a rapid rate. Be careful not to allow the seatback to pinch or hit any part of your body. To fold the second-row seatbacks down from inside the passenger cabin, pull the same straps used to recline the rear seatbacks and fold the seatbacks flat over the seat cushions.
To fold the second-row seatbacks flat while loading an item in the cargo area, pull on these straps on the back of the seatbacks to fold them forward over the seat cushion. To return the second-row seats to a seating position, push the seatbacks up into the vertical position until they lock in place.
When you return the rear seats to the vertical position, be sure to properly reset the seat belts, pull the seat belt buckles completely out of the pockets in the seat cushion, ensure the seat is locked into position and reconnect the center seat belt connector plate to the connector buckle. Bicycle Lab is located in Carrboro North Carolina which is near Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh.
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Bike seats can cause a lot of pain for many cyclists. In this video Victor and Josh discuss basic human anatomy as it applies to bicycle seats. We discuss pelvic anatomy and the differences between men and women and how that relates to selecting a bicycle saddle.
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Ideas to decorate your room with recycled crafts (easy Crafts)
crafts with plastic bottles
how to make a seat inspired by the Rubik's Cube (cheap crafts)
Today i made ​​a seat recycling 32 bottles of Coke, Coca Cola
- 32 bottles of Coke 2 liters size
- 6 pieces of cardboard 40x40
- tape
- Something squishy to cover ( I used a fitness foam mat )
- Felt or fabric, colors Rubik cube
- hot glue
- pencil, scissors and measuring

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Versatile - can be used as seat, low table, footrest or bedside chest
Aesthetically pleasing - smooth, polished, high gloss white finish
Durable - made from tough acrylic plastic
Captivating - exciting LED light features include slow fade, fast strobe and static. Changes through seven different colours
Convenient - on/off, colour change, light brightness and speed controlled by remote
Battery operated - full charge lasts up to at least 8 hours
Comfort - off white, faux leather cushions available for added seating comfort

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The Cube performed by Neil Strauss. Use The Cube to build comfort and make a connection in isolation.
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Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ)

  • Как правильно закрепить автомобильное кресло Kubee Comfort?
  • Сыну 2 года и 5 месяцев, подскажите, подойдет ли нам эта модель Kubee Comfort? Визуально все устраивает, но сомневаемся, помогите определиться с выбором.
  • Как регулируется наклон спинки? Можно ли в Kubee Comfort безопасно перевозить новорожденного?
  • Какие топовые модели в группе 0/1 для детей весом до 18 кг вы можете посоветовать?
  • Есть ли штраф за езду с ребенком без автокресла? С какого возраста по закону необходимо обязательно его устанавливать?
  • Купили бу автокресло Куби на авито, но есть ощущение, что чего-то не хватает. У вас есть магазин в Санкт-Петербурге? Необходима консультация
  • Что идет в комплекте с Kubee Comfort? Есть ли к нему какие-то дополнительные аксессуары, вкладыш для новорожденных, чехол?
  • Что такое система latch? Как установить автокресло с таким креплением?
  • В инструкции указана установка кресла Kubee Comfort спиной или лицом вперед, можно ли устанавливать его на переднее сидение?
  • Как собрать автомобильное кресло после стирки?

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