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Carolina Aero фото
— производитель: Carolina (Каролина)
— модель: Aero
— бустер
— группа 1/2/3 (9-36 кг)
— внутренние ремни пятиточечные
— установка лицом вперед
— регулировка наклона спинки
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул KL-4573Мы рекомендуем это автокресло нашим посетителям

Описание и характеристики Carolina Aero

Всем привет, дорогие друзья! Безопасность Вашего малыша для вас не пустой звук? Обратите внимание на детское автокресло Carolina Aero, предназначено для детей весом 9-36 кг, сочетает в себе многолетний успешный опыт сидений Группы 1/2/3. Непревзойденная безопасность за счет максимально продолжительного использования внутренних ремней.

An aerial video tribute to my birth city, the beautiful city of Charleston, SC!

"Voted America's # 1 Small City, 5 Years & Counting." Visit Charleston, SC for Vacation!
"Charleston is the oldest and second-largest city in the U.S. state of South Carolina, the county seat of Charleston County"
The Official Tourism Guide for Charleston, SC: Book a hotel, find upcoming events, reserve a table at a local restaurant here:
Find out about Mayor John J. Mecklenburg, who has served our city as a businessman, a civic leader, and a city government executive.
Kiawah is a sea island, or barrier island, on the Atlantic coast of the United States.:...
Vacation in Kiawah Island. Welcome to the official resort at Kiawah Island. Your family golf vacation awaits you with golf, tennis, AAA award winning Sanctuary Hotel accommodations: www.kiawahresort.com/
Aerial drone footage and video production by Bat Aero. Also: Airbus Electric, UAVs at US Open, Another Lawsuit (sigh), ISS Crew Home, Lightsail, Canadian Aerospace
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to find under the Clean Air Act that greenhouse gas emissions from commercial aircraft contribute to the pollution that causes climate change endangering the health and welfare of Americans. Boeing's annual Current Market Outlook reports that Airlines worldwide will need 38,050 new airplanes over the next 20 years to the tune of an estimates the total value of $5.6 trillion. The report indicated that by the end of the forecast period, the commercial airplane fleet will double, and fifty-eight percent of the airplanes delivered over that time will be to accommodate growth. It also states that a large and growing number of aging aircraft will require replacement. About 2 to 3 percent of the installed fleet will require replacement each year. South Carolina has taken an important step in attracting business aviation activity to the state, with passage of a sales tax exemption on parts and supplies used in repairing or reconditioning aircraft. Several aviation organizations worked together to educate and inform South Carolina legislators about the importance of the exemption to the state’s general aviation industry. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!
Airborne 06.15.15 is chock full of info in this Daily news episode for Monday, June 15th, 2015... Presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Airborne Host Brianne Cross, and supported by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, and Aero-Journalists Tom Patton, and Earl Downs, this episode covers:
EPA Takes First Steps To Address Aircraft Emissions
Boeing Forecasts Demand For 38,050 New Airplanes Valued At $5.6 Trillion
South Carolina Adopts GA Maintenance Sales Tax Exemption
Airbus Shows Electric Flight At Paris
AVW: Breitling Jet Team Tribute to New York City
Fox Plans UAV Use In U.S. Open Coverage
Lawsuit Names Multiple Defendants In Fatal California Accident
ISS Crew Returns Home After 199 Days In Space
Planetary Society LightSail Test Mission Declared A Success
Canadian Aerospace Industry Continues to Grow
Get Comprehensive, Real-Time, 24/7 coverage of the latest aviation and aerospace stories anytime, at aero-news.net. And be sure to join us again next week for the next edition of "Airborne Unlimited" here on Aero-TV. Thanks for watching. See you, again, tomorrow!
© 2015, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
FMI: www.airbornetv.net, www.aero-news.net, www.aero-tv.net, www.youtube.com/aerotvnetwork, Also: Epic E1000, Beluga XL, Red Bull Bird Strike, Ski Race UAV Incident, Bad Elf ADS-B, Southwest $ettles, Air Canada/IAMAW
It’s been awhile since Mooney Aircraft has announced the first flight of a completely new design, but that’s just what they did last week after the long awaited first flight of their M10T Proof of Concept aircraft. The flight lasted approximately 15 minutes, with their test pilot conducting basic flight maneuvers and verifying design data. The M10T, announced in 2014, is Mooney International Corporation's new design, carbon-fiber, 3 seat, fixed-gear aircraft. Powered by the Continental Technify CD-135, Jet-A engine, the M10 is a new generation aircraft designed by Mooney. In a report meant to be humorous and yet point out that the federal government may be over-reacting to the potential for accidents involving UAVs, a researcher dug into the FAA's Wildlife Strike Database and found that there have been 198 confirmed turtle strikes by airplanes between January 1, 1990 and July 31, 2015. Honda Aircraft Company has begun deliveries of the HondaJet, handing over the first aircraft last week at its world headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. This milestone follows final type certification from the FAA, which the HondaJet received on December 8th. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!
Airborne 12.28.15 is chock full of info in this Daily News Episode, Monday, December 28th, 2015... Presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Airborne Host Brianne Cross, and supported by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, and Aero-Journalists Tom Patton, and Earl Downs, this episode covers:
NEW Mooney Flies! Mooney M10T First Flight Revealed
Researcher: More U.S. Planes Hit Turtles Than Drones
HondaJet Deliveries Underway
First Flight: Epic Aircraft E1000 Prototype
Classic Aero-TV: (Hannes Arch Bird Strike! Red Bull Air Race San Diego 2009)
Airbus Begins Production Of Beluga XL
Operator Of UAV At Ski Race May Have Intentionally 'Lawn-Darted' The Drone
iFlightPlanner To Support Bad Elf ADS-B
Southwest Airlines Settles FAA Lawsuit With $2.8 Million Penalty
Air Canada, IAMAW Reach New 10-Year Agreement
Get Comprehensive, Real-Time, 24/7 coverage of the latest aviation and aerospace stories anytime, at aero-news.net. And be sure to join us again next week for the next edition of "Airborne Unlimited" here on Aero-TV. Thanks for watching. See you, again, tomorrow!
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FMI: www.airbornetv.net, www.aero-news.net, www.aero-tv.net, www.youtube.com/aerotvnetwork, , A Unique Gyroplane Offers Side-By-Side Seating
ANN’s roving News Editor, Tom Patton, stopped to talk about gyro planes while he was attending the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring, Florida. He had the chance to talk to Chris Lord, the president and CEO of Pictaio aerospace.
The gyroplane they had on display is unique because it’s a 2-place machine that seats the pilot and passenger side-by-side rather than the more typical tandem seating of other gyro planes. Tom starts his questioning by asking about this configuration. Among other things, Lord points out that it offers more room for the pilot and passenger and more baggage space behind the seats.
Lord describes the aircraft as the SUV of gyro planes and says it’s intended for the recreational flyer market. He says that the side-by-side seating makes transitioning from a fixed wing to a rotor wing gyroplane more familiar. During the interview, Lord goes into detail about performance and features. It only takes a few moments of the video to notice that it’s a unique and sleek design.
The video provides lots of details about this aircraft that delivers a host of features and good performance for the price.
Aero-TV is a production of the Internationally syndicated Aero-News Network. Seen worldwide by hundreds of thousands of aviators and aviation adherents, Aero-TV has produced nearly 2000 aviation and feature programs, including several hundred episodes of our thrice-weekly aviation news program, AIRBORNE, hosted by Ashley Hale. Parent company, Aero-News Network, has the most aggressive and intensive editorial profile of any aviation news organization and has published nearly 200,000 news and feature stories since its inception -- having pioneered the online 24/7 aviation new-media model that so many have emulated.
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FMI: www.aero-news.net, www.aero-tv.net, www.youtube.com/aerotvnetwork, , Ролик Trygg Trafikk (tryggtrafikk.no) наглядно показывает какие силы воздействуют на ребенка при ДТП при перевозке ребенка лицом вперед (по ходу движения авто) и лицом обращенным назад (против хода движения автомобиля), если он удерживается в автокресле внутренними 5-ти точечными ремешками безопасности.
Очень важно, выбрать наиболее безопасный способ установки детского автокресла.
Если в автокресле используются 5-ти точечные ремни для удержания ребенка (9-18 кг.), то перевозить его нужно "против хода" движения как минимум до возраста 1,5 лет. Это снижает риск получения ребенком травм (шеи/позвоночника/плеч/головного мозга) более чем на 90%.
Текст ролика:
Ежегодно происходит множество ДТП с участием автомобилей движущихся со скоростью 50 и более км/час.
При этом, дети подвергаются более высокому риску.
Поэтому, очень важно установить детское автокресло более безопасно.
Мы можем видеть, что происходит с ребенком при лобовом столкновении: когда ребенок сидит лицом вперед , т.е. автокресло установлено по ходу движения автомобиля. На его шею, плечи и голову действуют огромные силы что может привести к смерти или неизлечимым увечьям, таким как паралич.
Но посмотрим как изменяется ситуация, если детское автокресло будет установлено против хода движения автомобиля и ребенок будет находится лицом обращенным назад: силы действующие на его тело будут распределены на более большую площадь и давление оказываемое на его голову,шею и плечи будет в несколько раз меньше.
Если ребенок будет перевозиться в автомобиле против хода движения (спиной вперед), то РИСК ГИБЕЛИ ИЛИ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ ТЯЖЕЛЫХ ТРАВМ СНИЖАЕТСЯ НА 90%!!!
Поэтому рекомендуется в автокреслах с 5-ти точечными ремнями как можно дольше перевозить детей положением "спиной вперед=лицом назад" и устанавливать автокресла против хода движения.
Более подробная статья о преимуществах перевозки детей против хода движения находится на нашем сайте:
Источник видео: Trygg Trafikk - www.tryggtrafikk.noThere Are Good And Affordable Times to Be Had Under A Free-Wheeling Rotor!!!
Everyone in aviation loves the concept of flight... even more so when that concept doesn't mean having to mortgage your house. Some of the most affordable flying, mind you, can be had if you care to partake of the delights inherent in the latest generation of sport gyroplanes... a breed of aircraft that evolved very nicely since the esteemed Dr. Igor Bensen popularized the critters with the original Bensen Gyrocopter.
ANN is ALWAYS on the lookout for a cool new flying machine... and few places paid off, in that regard, as well as our visit to the annual PRA Fly-In in Indiana. Every year, the most dedicated fans of sport rotorcraft journey to a sleepy little airport in a small town in Indiana, by the name of Mentone. The town hosts a pretty neat little airport that, among it many claims to fame, is the home of the Popular Rotorcraft Association and a dynamite yearly rotorcraft gathering that gets its buzz on right after Oshkosh.
There, we took a solid look at the latest iteration of the HoneyBee gyro series. Available in both experimental as well as ultralight versions, the honeyBee G2 also has a two-place cousin for those who want some company while their rotor beat the air into submission. The Ultralight version of the HoneyBee G2 draws from the success of the Original HoneyBee Gyro designed by Jim Fields and Dr. Ralph Taggart, the designer of the Gyrobee. Using the parameters of the original aircraft Aeroworks Int'l has been able to create a lighter, better looking and better handling gyroplane that is specifically designed for those who want to fly ultralight gyroplanes.
The Experimental version of the HoneyBee G2 is engineered for the single-place gyro builder who wants a great looking aircraft, that is easy to build, that offers a wide variety of engine and finishing options and is one they can grow with and personalize. Because this frame was conjured from their Two-Place Tandem frame, this aircraft is engineered to carry more fuel, heavier payloads, go longer distances and provide the best in single-place gyroplane experiences. With a Useful Load of over 600#'s, this aircraft allows for heavier pilots, cargo saddlebags, trips, camping excursions all while retaining the traditional great handling qualities that the HoneyBee has been known for. The differences between the Ultralight and the Experimental versions of the HoneyBee G2 are Heavier Tubing In The Overall Construction, Heavy Duty Landing Gear, Heavy Duty Tail Bracing, Heavy Duty Main Gear, Larger Fuel Tanks, Larger Two Stroke & Four Stroke Engine Options, Glass Panel Instrument Options, More Powerful, Stronger Pre-Rotator System, Wider Chord Blades, Lighting Options, Wind Screen Options, and Enclosure Ready (When Available).
Copyright 2011, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
FMI: www.honeybeeg2.com, www.aero-tv.net, www.youtube.com/aerotvnetwork,
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