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Автокресло Actrum S-320

Actrum S-320 фото
— производитель: Actrum (Актрум)
— модель: S-320
— бустер
— группа 1/2/3 (9-36 кг)
— внутренние ремни пятиточечные
— установка лицом вперед
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул KL-136

Описание и характеристики Actrum S-320

И снова здравсвуйте! Меня зовут Дмитрий и мы вместе попытаемся разобраться в ПДД. Обратите внимание на инновационное автокресло Actrum S-320, предназначено для детей весом 9-36 кг, сочетает в себе многолетний успешный опыт сидений Группы 1/2/3. Стильное и бескомпромисное решение станет надежным спутником в автомобильных путешествиях. Безопасность на первом месте!

After finishing the Air conditioning was filled with gas, the AC did not work. I had to reset the AC and clear existing error codes. This video shows the steps. I have also including a little information on OBD2 logs and hidden service menu on the Comand console.
For a list of videos and further notes on the projects please visit
Mercedes S320 W140
max ~230km/hFor more in depth reviews check my channel:

The 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class ranks 1 out of 10 Super Luxury Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 93 published reviews and test drives of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

For 2011, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues to offer an ultra-luxurious interior, powerful engines and an impressive suite of cabin and safety electronics. However, the S-Class is pricey, even among super luxury cars, and reviewers note that its COMAND interface is still confusing.

If a well-balanced super luxury car with an opulent, roomy interior is what you seek, the 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class should be high on your shopping list. It's available with two powerful engines and features a standard adjustable air suspension that reviewers love. They say that it's compliant and comfortable, yet the sport setting can improves cornering ability nicely.

Still, reviewers say that if you're looking for sport sedan handling, the S-Class isn't the best option. It can't match rivals like the BMW 7-Series or the Porsche Panamera on windy roads, and some mention that its steering feels numb, isolating the driver from the road. Additionally, some reviews write that the transmission -- although smooth and composed -- can be slow to downshift to a lower gear when duty calls.

Inside, the S-Class offers all the luxury you'd expect from Mercedes' flagship sedan. The cabin features classic design cues with leather seating and burl walnut trim, and the seats are roomy and comfortable at all four corners. Additionally, the S-Class provides a long list of standard tech and comfort features that include navigation, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, heated and ventilated front seats and dual-zone climate control.

Despite these pluses, not all reviewers are floored by the S-Class' features. Many note that Mercedes' COMAND interface -- which absorbs many audio, navigation and comfort functions -- is not the most intuitive. Simple tasks like seat adjustments require using COMAND's knob interface to navigate on-screen menus. Passengers more than six feet tall might also like more headroom. But the biggest quibble when considering the S-Class is the price. Starting at $93,000, there are much more affordable options in the super luxury car class.

Other Cars to Consider
If you're interested in a large sedan with a posh interior, you can save thousands by considering the Lexus LS. Starting at about $66,000, the LS comes in around $27,000 cheaper than the base S-Class and offers a similar level of comfort. The trade-off most reviewers note is the ride. The LS' suspension is clearly geared for comfort, while the S-Class straddles the middle ground between the Lexus' posh ride and more nimble rivals.

If whipping around corners in extreme luxury is important to you, the BMW 7-Series and the Porsche Panamera might catch your eye. Base model 7-Series and Panameras are also significantly cheaper, although you'll have to opt for higher trims to match the S-Class in terms of power. The 7-Series starts at under $71,000, while the Panamera can be had for less than $75,000. What's more, opting for a mid-level BMW 750i or Porsche Panamera S will best the S550 in terms of power and still cost less. The 750i starts at $82,500, while the Panamera S' base price is just under $90,000.One thing that all three of these competitors offer is better fuel economy. The EPA estimates that the base LS gets 16 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway, while the base 7-Series and Panamera get 17/25 mpg city/highway and 18/27 mpg, respectively. These numbers are marginally better than the rear-wheel drive S550's 15/23 mpg city/highway fuel economy. If you like the S-Class, but wish you could get more miles per gallon, look to the S400 Hybrid. A diesel S-Class, which will likely have better fuel economy, is expected later this year.

Savvy shoppers might also notice that the Mercedes E-Class offers much of the same appeal and safety features at a lower price. The E-Class is also an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Top Safety Pick".

Filmed by: Tomaž Kožar JeseniceMercedes Benz S320 S600 S500 W140 1997 S-Class Big Body Sedan Saloon 1 Owner. I LOVE a S-Class Mercedes Benz and The W140 is the top Knotch one to have in My opinion. I have 7 of these in stock right now. This car is as clean as they come. This is a S320 so you get the 3.2L 6cyl. engine which puts out quite a bit of power and gets really good gas mileage. I love all of the W140 cars. This car is fully loaded and well taken care of. The exterior is straight as can be and the paint looks great on this car. The interior is in excellent condition and shows very little wear. This is a 1 Owner Car and you can just tell that he cared for this car and really maintained it nicely.
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From Wikipedia:
In 1991, the W140 series replaced the W126 line in the Mercedes-Benz line-up, the first production model rolling off the assembly line on August 6 of that year. As with its predecessor, the W140 launched the "next generation" of Mercedes-Benz design language. The W140 saw the S-Class grow in its proportions; more technology and features were added due to product evolution and through competition. The car was available in two wheelbase lengths and a shorter-wheelbase W140 coupé. Production totalled 432,732 units; down on volume compared to the W126 reflecting the W140's shorter production period, competitive pressure (especially Lexus in the US) and higher market positioning.

A W140 S-class was the car in which Princess Diana died when her chauffeur (the only survivor of the four occupants was her security guard, who was located in the front passenger seat) crashed into a Parisian concrete pillar in August 1997.
The W140 cost 25% more than the preceding W126. There was new pressure from competitors such as Lexus and Infiniti in the US. Specification and options increased in this period as Mercedes Benz evolved the model to remain competitive.

The W140 introduced innovations such as double-pane window glazing, self-closing boot lid and doors, electric windows with a jam-protection feature (lowering back down when encountering an obstruction), rear-parking markers in the US (which appeared on the rear wings when in reverse), and a heating system which emitted warm air while residual energy was available after the engine was turned off.
A 1990s W140 as a German Taxi
In 1993, Mercedes-Benz model nomenclature was rationalized, with the SE/SEL/SEC cars becoming the S-Class and alphanumerical designations inverted (e.g. the both 500SE and 500SEL became S500 regardless of wheelbase length). In 1995, the W140 received a minor facelift. The clear turn signal indicator lenses on the front and rear were the most obvious changes. Headlamps were fitted with separate low- and high-beam reflectors for the US. Following the mid-year facelift, the W140 coupé and sedan (Saloon) were each fitted with Electronic Stability Control. The W140 was to feature an air suspension as an option, but Mercedes-Benz was still perfecting the technology and chose to launch air suspension as an option in the next generation S-Class in late 1999.
"Mercedes Benz" S-Class S320 S600 S500 S420 W140 V8 "1 Owner Car Guy" W 140 "Nathan Wratislaw" "Big Body" Saloon Export Import S320 S 600 500 400 420 430 320 AMG 12Cyl V12 V8 "Mercedes S Class" Buy Sell "For Sale" KBB Search "Video Review" Walkaround Sedan Google VideoFor generations, an S-Class Sedan has been instantly recognizable not just for its iconic design, but for predicting the future of the automobile. Strong, powerful and majestic, it's also lighter, sleeker, and the most athletic S-Class yet. And while it slips through the wind with ease, it stands out in any crowd. In fact, it stands above. Learn everything you need to know about the 2014 S-Class Sedan in this video walk around.
Learn more about the S-Class:
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  • Как правильно пристегнуть автокресло Actrum S-320?
  • Сыну 3 года и 8 месяцев, подскажите, подойдет ли нам эта модель Actrum S-320? Визуально все устраивает, но сомневаемся, помогите определиться с выбором.
  • Как регулируется наклон спинки? Можно ли в Actrum S-320 безопасно перевозить новорожденного?
  • Какие топовые модели в группе 1/2/3 для детей весом 9-36 кг вы можете посоветовать?
  • Есть ли штраф за езду с ребенком без автокресла? С какого возраста по закону необходимо обязательно его устанавливать?
  • Купили бу автокресло Актрум на авито, но есть ощущение, что чего-то не хватает. У вас есть магазин в Самаре? Необходима консультация
  • Что идет в комплекте с Actrum S-320? Есть ли к нему какие-то дополнительные аксессуары, вкладыш для новорожденных, чехол?
  • Что такое система latch? Как установить автокресло с таким креплением?
  • В инструкции указана установка кресла Actrum S-320 лицом вперед, можно ли устанавливать его на переднее сидение?
  • Как собрать автокресло после стирки?

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